Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Environment For Sale

Heavy clouds this morning making it impossible to see the far mountains. My lemon lilies have bloomed.

Quick to the chase here: Scientists, fronts and frauds are being used to try to continue the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Alluring websites have been created to suppress your fears, create doubt and tell you "not enough is known". Somehow this unknown part is suppose to make the problems go away and make you feel better.

Science For Sale is a great resource for ongoing discussion. The idea is finally getting the attention it deserves. Science for Sale has been reported by ABC and PBS and many others. California makes no bones about the subject. Leave it to Berk to put it on the line: .

Even Walmart has the courage to buck the big oil companies and take products off the shelves for the safety of their consumers.

So much of the ills to our environment, through energy and plastics, goes back to oil. But you can make a difference. Walmart listened to the real science and its customers. But you as the customer needs to be the squeaky wheel. Let the world know that our environment is NOT for sale.

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