Monday, July 14, 2008

Energy Efficiency - It Can Be Easy

Light drizzle this morning and grateful for it.

Experts worldwide are insisting that CO2 reductions happen immediately and fast in order to avoid planetary collapse. There is lots of talk about switching to solar and wind but the time lag is not fast enough. To drop CO2 emissions ASAP, energy efficiency takes center stage as the fastest solution for the moment.

Energy efficiency begins at home, but then take it to work and take action within your community, church, town and city. The basics apply to all scenarios and it means reducing electrical use first. And the bonus is this will all save you money. Next comes heating, cooling, water use, oil and gas use.

Gabrielle, a student at a local prep school, recently won the energy efficiency competition. And the best part is, are you ready for this? She said it was easy! This coming from a teenager. Their household electrical bill dropped a whopping 29%. How did she do it? This is HER easy list to energy efficiency:

1- No clothes dryer
2 - Switch all light bulbs to CFL's
3 - Turn off everything not being used
4 - Take shorter showers
5 - Spend time in one room, one TV instead of spread out throughout the house
6- Turn down the heat, dress warmer
7- Use daylight for work and reading

Gabrielle said it was fun and brought the family together and saved them money with NO investment. Bravo for this young person showing us the way.

If she can do it, we can do it. Don't waste any time, and don't waste.

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