Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Cove - Now in Video

Ccccold morning. At least the skies are clear (ish).

The Cove, the movie, the eco-thriller, the winner of 20 film awards and now best 2009 documentary is finally out. It is one of those life changing movies, really. You can buy the video, watch it, share it or give it to your library for all to see.

The Cove has several layers to it. The most obvious being the stomach churning slaughter of dolphins. The next is the mercury issue which Japan neatly hides but is also a world wide serious environmental horror story. Lastly, the movie's over all theme of our lack of respect for the ocean, its eco-system and how it is about to collapse.

Ric O'Barry is the hero and if we all had a fraction of his passion, the world would be a better place. If you need inspiration, Ric will give you what you need.

So here you go - buy it here: The Cove Video

Thursday, December 10, 2009

BPA Continues To Do Harm

Clearing skies and finally looks like winter.

I find today's headlines out of Canada very disturbing: "Chemical BPA May Harm Developing Fetus". And, yes, it was a small experiment. But the authors seem very convinced that the BPA killed placenta cells and were bold enough to suggest that BPA (and other gender bending chemicals) could, or is probably, responsible for the high percentage of unexplained miscarriages that occur in our, what should be, healthy, wealthy society.

Remember, Canada is our cautious cousin to the north (thank God) who had the courage to declare that BPA was hazardous to human health 2 years ago and ban it from baby bottles. But based on this study, that ban might be too little too late.

These studies have big implications because now it comes down to what is going on in the adult (presumably) pregnant mother and her level of BPA and other toxins. This is clearly, and has been for a long time, an adult issue since, since last I knew, that's where babies come from.

Luckily Canada seems to be more forthright in exactly where BPA comes from, including "the filmy plastic lining in the shallow boxes of frozen-food dinners". Next year, Canada is hosting an international meeting of health experts to discuss BPA in food packaging.

That's next year, another year to go by before BPA is even discussed. If this isn't a good example of why thoroughly testing chemicals before they are released into the market place is so important, I don't know what is. We've done this all backwards for sure.

Meanwhile, BPA continues to be everywhere. Companies continue to sell pretty aluminum water bottle knock-offs that contain high levels of BPA and publicize that the levels are well within the FDA limits (so they can sell the huge inventory they are now stuck with). Consumer Reports just published an article after testing canned foods for BPA and their conclusion is also alarming. One serving of canned green beans had BPA 80 times higher than the experts recommended.

Jeez. I'm speechless.