Sunday, July 13, 2008

Canada Leads the Way - Again

Never boring, another amazing summer day with a substantial breeze.

Bravo Canada. Our friends to the north have once again stood up to big business and have stopped the manufacturing of a dangerous flame retardant called DECA, a PBDE, and limited its use to certain products. DECA is from a chemical called polybrominated diphenyl ethers and is used in everything from mattresses to baby strollers, upholstery and car seats, to children's pajamas and many other fabrics.

PBDE is so prevalent in our fabricated world that it has filtered down to wildlife prompting the Canadian government to take action. ( I think we are part of the wildlife chain but we weren't mentioned.) PBDE's , and there are several of which DECA is one, cause major thyroid dysfunction. Canada banned the others in 2006 and has taken this step to reduce DECA to the use of television sets and cars. (the powerful car lobby won this one)

If you want reassurance that this chemical is actually safe, just ask the makers of DECA and they will tell you it is just hunky dory. This is the all too common line from other similar makers of precarious chemicals like plastics.

Some say Canada didn't go far enough and coward to big business by not instituting a full ban.

Meanwhile, south of the border, we Americans continue to sleep on flame retardant chemical laden mattresses, sit with our pets on toxic sofas and envelop our babies in all sorts of car seats and strollers with known dangerous chemicals such as the DECA, stain resistant chemicals, PVC plastic, chlorine and more.

Anyone have a bamboo stroller with a hemp seat?

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