Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bush, Oil Drilling Ban, and Environment - Do Not Mix

A nice cool morning with the music of birds.

A symbolic move but oh how destructive. What is Bush thinking? Apparently all the arguments against lifting the off shore drilling ban - oil will not actually come to the market for another 5 or more years, the new oil will only add 3% to our supply, it is costly, creates negative local impact - didn't matter to our President because lifting the ban symbolically makes him look good, like he is actually doing something about the oil crisis.

Lifting the ban is a slap in the environmental face because it ignores our golden opportunity to switch gears and actually get away from oil dependence and truly embark on new sustainable technologies for energy. Lifting the ban also ignores the need to reduce CO2 emissions and stop burning fossil fuel, i.e. oil. So much for his pseudo interest in helping climate change.

Imagine all that money that will now be spent looking for prospect gold when it could go towards creating electric cars and solar power, and we could actually free ourselves from oil dependence and accomplish the necessary CO2 reductions needed to continue life as we know it.

But for some, I guess it sure felt good knowing our President was taking some kind of action, as pathetic and destructive as it was and will be.

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Anonymous said...

George W. Bush may be the President of the United States but he is, in no way, a leader — most especially when it comes to the environment.

He was an oil man, is an oil man, and forever shall be an oil man. He sees a switch from oil to sustainable technologies as the end of his kind, so the old dinosaur is doing everything he can to stay alive . . . and to keep the cash flowing into his bank accounts.

Intelligent Americans see right through his pathetic act. We’re counting down the days until he is out of office and we’re hopeful the next President will understand that nothing else matters if our planet dies.

In the meantime, we reduce our dependance on oil. We write to our Congresswomen and Congressmen, encouraging them to (finally) take action. We inspire those around us to go green.

After all, a progressive-yet-Patriotic spirit is as American as (organic) apple pie.