Thursday, July 17, 2008

350 PPM Global Warming Goals - Now

The shadows of the earth approach me bringing full daylight.

350 - The most important number on earth, to earth and for us. For all of us, humanity, creatures large and small, this is the number we must return to in order to avoid facing irreversible climate change consequences.

Carbon dioxide, CO2, in the atmosphere is measured in parts per million or PPM. The earth can get along sustainably at this level. BUT we are far past that number. Never before in human history have we been so high. We are now at 385 PPM.

There is so much science behind all of this it isn't even funny. Science without agendas (which is how a real scientist is suppose to behave) has been presenting this for many years. They present the evidence as they see it. Most of what scientists present is theory. They very rarely call it fact. Did you know that the laws of gravity are not a fact? Sure seems like it to me. Gravity is actually a theory. So global warming is a really strong theory and has lots of scientific evidence.

Bill McKibben, one of the many outstanding daddy's of global warming, is behind this new movement - getting people to understand 350 and DO something about it. is the place to go. They have cool videos, facts, (oops) I mean evidence, scientific papers and much more.

So read away, get depressed and then get inspired. The most important message to come away from this, is we must take action, now, and dramatic action at that. The number one thing you can do, starting today, is energy efficiency: in your home, in your car, and at work. Humans have been a part of the problem, we must now be the solution. More on energy efficiency later, but for today, drive more slowly, turn off unnecessary lights and anything electric for that matter, and dress less so if you are around air conditioning, it can be turned down.

And if you are around air conditioning that is too cold, for goodness sake, go tell someone to set the number a few degrees higher. And tell them about the number 350 while you're at it.

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