Friday, May 1, 2009

May Is National Vinegar Month - Green Spring Cleaning Anyone?

Passing rain storm but we need much more.

Did you know that May was National Vinegar Month? I didn't until a few days ago. (just curious who thinks up these things) But it is and it is time for spring cleaning of course, and green cleaning at that. But what makes it such a good cleaner?

Well it's because vinegar is an acid (french word for sour wine) and it magically dissolves minerals, which is a lot of dirt, including what's on windows. Vinegar and newspaper are still the first choice for cleaning windows in the UK. How we got on this ammonia kick I'll never know. Vinegar, combined with some other products, really will clean 99% of what you need to do. This is a wonderfully comprehensive site for all your cleaning needs, and more information about vinegar. (be careful, it will give you ideas you might not want to know about) Who needs all those fancy high specialty cleaners anyway?

The Vinegar Institute

So where does vinegar come from? Vinegar can be made from a whole host of things. Basically anything that can sour - from apples to grapes to rice to barley. For cooking you have all these wonderful options like Red Wine Vinegar, and Balsamic and Rice Wine Vinegar. You can flavor your own by adding herbs and garlic. For cleaning, it is best to stick to white distilled vinegar which is mostly made form malt barley.

Vinegar is suppose to be good for you too. Many medical claims are associated with vinegar.

Sounds like something so simple is a little miraculous. Well it is. Since it is National Vinegar Month I suppose exploring all the virtues of vinegar is in order. I'm looking forward to it.

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