Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - I Think

Very windy morning, after a tremendous storm.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and to the mother of all mothers - Earth.

My favorite thing to do on Mother's Day is to clean my garden. It's true! I do the cleaning and pruning and the kids cart away my mess to the compost pile. I will also pick most of my daffodils that are left and make large bouquets of lilacs. The house will smell divine.

While picking the lilacs is a wonderful thing, it does leave me unsettled. You see when I was growing up, okay so back in the 60's and 70's, I picked lilacs for my birthday which is at the end of the month. Lilacs were considered the Memorial Day Flower. This year I picked my first bouquet on May 2nd. Ouch.

Only 30 years later, lilac blooming is a steady 2 weeks earlier, at least from my unscientific stand point. And this new schedule is not a fluke, it's been pretty steady now. I have science to back me up too. UNH has studied the blooming of plants and confirms a new "natural Spring". Scary stuff.

To add to my unsettledness today is the after math of an unusually violent storm that ripped through here last evening. Since we aren't Kansas, we just are not used to these quick severe storms passing through. Not in May at least. That's more like July or August. Hmm.

So today, despite my wondering concerns, I will go about day, enjoying my children and my garden. (and a cooked meal with no clean up!) What could be better?

Happy Mother's Day.

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