Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Green Mother's Day - 2 for 1

Rain just finished, sun coming out. Beautiful.

This Sunday, May 10th is Mother's Day. There is lots of advice for what to do for your chosen Mom. From a green perspective, you might consider gifts that are organic and/or fair trade or gifts that might jump start more green behavior - like a compost pail.

Part of the green movement is to not over consume so when it comes to gift giving time, people are often more considerate in their choices. Practical green products seem to do very well, soaps for instance or nice foods one might not normally buy for themselves - like chocolate, fancy nuts or olive oil. (organic and fair trade natch)

What's nice is when considering greener gifts , you happen to be having a lesser impact on the earth as well. A 2 for 1 if you will. And why not? I see it as a win-win for all. I think considering Mother Earth all the time is a great idea; the original giver of life.

Other ideas are the gift of time, maybe an I.O.U. For me? I've ask for help outside in the garden and flower beds. I love to do all the pulling and cleaning and have someone else cart it away to the compost area. Oh, and a home cooked meal and clean up at the end of the day too.

It's pretty easy to come up with a green Mother's Day. Why consider any thing else?

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