Friday, October 31, 2008

Green Eyes in Italy - Laundry Photos Make Art

What a sight. Italy in the sunshine, the steep green hillsides terraced with grape vines, brightly colored houses and ...laundry. Lots of it.

Statistically 95% Americans have dryers compared to 12% Europeans. (Hopefully the use of the dryer is coming down in this new age of energy reduction since the dryer is the second energy household hog after the refrigerator.) My guess is most of those 12% Euro's are in the northern climates, particularly England. If I were a betting environmentalist, I would say less than 1% Italians have a dryer.

Why bother with a dryer? The weather is mostly glorious, balconies are easy to hang from, you save tons of money and...colorful, waving laundry is ... beautiful.

My daughter's apartment, with 6 other female college roommates, didn't have a dryer and not one complaint about having to hang it out. They also had a tub sink with a rubbing board in it that they used. Their sheets and clothing were scattered all over the place but the bathroom was well equipped with lines and so were many of the windows. So now my daughter has no excuse, eh?

I became snap happy with all the opportunity to make laundry art. Laundry photos in Florence, Venice and along the Mediterranean. I have quite a galley to share. Stay tuned for more laundry art and why you need to hang it out too.


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Kate said...

This post makes me miss Italy, such a beautiful place! Laundry art, I like it. It should be the newest trend for decoration.

Hanging your clothing verses drying it really is smart because you are not only decreasing your energy use, you are also protecting your clothing! The heat from dryers tends to wear out your clothing quicker than if you were to hang it up...Just another excuse to live a green lifestyle :).

Thank you for the great post!