Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Safety - No PVC Please

Most leaves have turned to brown with the occasional yellow tree, clear and cold.

Yikes. One day to Halloween and one day to give you the heads up. This wasn't on my radar until I received an email but this is just one more thing we need to think about in our plastic engulfed world.

Most Halloween masks are made out of PVC. Just google it and wham o, there they are. Can you imagine giving your child a PVC mask to breath through? Holy cow! No wonder the costume isle always has this odor to it. The masks out of PVC, and all those plastic capes... yup, PVC.

I always made my kids' costumes so I guess I forgot about this aspect. And the kids love to pull them out and "remember this one?..." Don't have time?. Sure you do. Think simple or let them figure it out, they love it! Try makeup or face paint, what kids doesn't like fun makeup. Just beware those ingredients too. Make sure you are not put in the lessor of 2 evils situation.

Remember the plastic rule: if it smells bad, it is bad.

And remember to roast the pumpkin seeds...yum.

Happy Halloween. (and my daughter at 17 just went down stairs and pulled out an old red cape so she can be...well you know.)

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