Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phthalates Linked to Smaller Penises

Even on this glorious cloudless morning, the horizon hints of brown. :(

So as to avoid beating a dead horse, I will simply encourage you to read the article that I referred to before about phthalates linked to smaller penises and feminized male genitalia. (Who know s what the heck happens to the inside of girl babies.) The scientific article in whole is available only through purchase so this is the next best thing - a comprehensive summary.

Please note the reference by the ACC. At least the writer did justice to who the ACC actually represents and what their first priority is.

Please keep in mind that phthalates are everywhere. Please read the ingredients in personal care products, particularly lotions and hair products. Phthalates are added to plastics to make them soft. And most importantly, keep soft plastic toys away from kids who still put things in their mouth. Those damn rubber duckies...

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