Saturday, November 1, 2008

FDA Doesn't Do Their Homework on BPA - So Who's in Charge?

Time change is great for early morning views.

Finally truth prevails. The FDA Subcommittee did the right thing and concluded that the FDA didn't do their homework. It was a unanimous vote I might add. For the full report click: . It is an excellent report and I urge you to read it.

Seems at the root of all these FDA issues is...who's in charge? The article makes reference to Andrew von Eschenbach who was appointed and heads the FDA and it is important to understand who this guy really is. His bio initially sounds good, an M.D. (no guarantee to real interest in health!), a cancer survivor but then it goes downhill with his huge links to the drug company industry. And we know what that means.

So back to the original article about the subcommittee conclusion. Von Eschenbach is doing some serious back peddling and ridiculous justifying why the FDA isn't taking a stronger stand about the dangers of BPA. He says they used the latest research ( basically a fib, oh alright...a lie) and then talks about not taking a hurried, alarming response so as to avoid reacting to every new study that comes down the pipe. Hello???? How long has BPA been reported to cause hormone disruption? Try decades? So let me get this straight, there's a fire in the building and because we're not really sure things continue to burn and can get out of control, we'll just stay inside for further evaluation? Let's remember, a lot of doctors still smoke too.

I guess it is the prerogative of any administration to appoint whom they wish. This very premise is why electing the right people for the job is so critical in all facets on our country. Think about that when you vote from here on out and forever. From Town Hall Clerk, to Mayor, to ...President. Will they appoint folks who will do the right thing? Or will they put in old buddies with agenda's and links to big money.

So, go out and VOTE. (didn't think it would go here did you?)

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