Sunday, November 16, 2008

BPA Leaches in Supposedly Safe Products - Thank Goodness for Watch Dogs

Cccccold - Like it should be.

Thank goodness for some feisty reporters from the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Susanne Rust and Meg Kissinger have been relentless in keeping BPA in the news and keeping honest facts emerging from the secret plastic world. The American Consumer owes a great deal of debt to this sleuthing duo.

They just recently had 10 containers analyzed for leaching BPA and the results are disturbing, because some are containers were not suppose to be an issue. Imagine my surprise when containers made from plastic 1,2 and 5 were shown to leach BPA. What's next?

One of the products they analyzed were Munchkin Bowls. Now on the Munchkin Website, they claim "Non-toxic Plastic safe for baby". I suppose that "safe" word is the sticking point. According to the leaching results, the munchkin bowls did leach, and in amounts that the experts say do cause harm. I can't find what number the munchkin bowls are, but I think its a 1,2, 4 or 5, ones considered "safe".

The big message from this recent analysis is certain plastics that were thought to not leach, are leaching, and heating any kind of plastic in the microwave probably is buying you some added, unwanted hormone disrupting chemicals in your food.

Thanks Meg and Susanne. Thanks for putting all the pieces together and finding answers to consumers' concerns. There are still a lot of products being passed off as safe and I for one am grateful to these two diggers. Keep on the digging!

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