Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Green New Year - 5 Green Wishes for 2009

Looks like any other beautiful day with a view, but Happy New Year anyway.

Good riddance to 2008, a year that will go down in history. The year started great in the green world. The green movement was really taking off, you could feel it , read it and see it. Then boom. The natural human greed down in Wall Street was finally exposed and the fast train had to finally pull into the station. Ouch.

And so too did the green movement seem to come to a halt. But now that the shock of the crash and the election is behind us, environmental headlines are creeping back in. Perhaps the environmental train can back on track.

Instead of looking behind, I would like to look forward and be hopeful for a greener world, greener footsteps and greener efforts. Here are my 5 Green Wishes for 2009:

1 - Sustainability becomes the new buzz word and over takes global warming and climate change. After all, it is the umbrella under which all environmental efforts rest.

2 - Zero Waste becomes the new goal of families and businesses, beyond recycling. (and if you aren't recycling yet, you are so back in the 20th century, so get with it)

3 - Eat local and grow local take off as urban and suburbanites grow their own food, or at least support and buy local. What a great way to learn to appreciate nature.

4 - Renewable Energy explodes and takes hold as the only long term, sustainable (there's that word again...sustainable) solution for humans.

5 - Corporate Responsibility becomes a status goal from the car industry setting us free to fair labor practices all along the supply chain.

Is this too much to ask? Okay, so it's a green wish list. Here's to green wishing for 2009. Happy Green New Year.

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