Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby it's cold outside, and it hit a record - minus 22 degrees!

Not so fast, we still have climate change going on; the winters continue to be warmer than average. Heck, a truck just got hauled out of a lake the other week because the ice was too thin for this time of year. So, no need to go there.

But we are in a cold snap right now. So how do you stay warm in the cold? It's not so easy with an eco conscience. But we certainly aren't the first set of humans in recent history to fight frigid temperatures. Luckily we are far from the days of coals in bad pans, frost on the inside of the windows and seeing your breath...inside the house.

We have all the stylish sub zero outer wear to protect us for that quick moment from car to store. But we have a sense of entitlement when we walk into the house and expect tee shirt temperatures, some where around 70 degrees.

But those days are over for now. At least where I am, regular house with oil furnace and all. Yup, those mid-winter tee-shirt days are definitely over. The layered look is here to stay.

And the amazing thing is, it works! I always thought I had sufficient layering with my trusty heavy turtle neck and fleece, but in an attempt to "turn down the heat", I found myself shivering and seizing up. Surely another layer wouldn't make that much of a difference. But I'm here to tell you, it did.

Just one more layer, that did it. The layer wasn't anything fancy, no techie fabric or waffle underwear. Just another layer, close fitting helps, right against the skin to keep the air from flowing next to you. I'm a believer.

Sure beats the kind of layers they had to wear 200 hundred years ago. Basically, folks' indoor wear was what we call outdoor wear today. No fleece back then either, lots of heavy wool too.

I know lots of people who keep their place between 60 and 66 degrees during the day. We know the virtue of lowering the temperature to save the burning of fossil fuel, hence CO2. But it can be a shock if you aren't prepared. But now you can be - so go layer up, cause... Baby It's Cold Outside.

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