Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BPA Lingers ...and Lingers and Lingers

Another snow storm, and it's a biggie.

Those sleuths out of Milwaukee are at it again. Susanne Rust continues to do her BPA homework and stay on the forefront of developing research. Now researchers (and these are the leaders in the USA) are finding that the half life of BPA in the body isn't what they thought it was. In fact, the levels of BPA actually don't disappear like previous studies showed. So either their previous equipment wasn't as good or sensitive, someone else did the testing, or we are being exposed to BPA beyond what the scientists are accounting for.

This is Susanne's usual excellent article. If you are new to the BPA scene, this is a great over view with the naysayers included. And BPA IS all around us. It is lined in every canned food (except a very minor few, more later) baby's formula cans and all,and I mean all, drinking cans, that includes organic vegetable juice too. What a waste.

Have you tried omitting all canned foods and all canned drinking containers? It ain't easy. If you want to see how precarious the canned food industry is, Organic Grace has also done some excellent sleuthing and has accumulated responses from the food industry. Trader's Joe at one point claimed to be BPA free but has since retracted the statement (see Organic Grace)

I have no idea what the delay in switching to BPA free canned is. Is it expensive? Do they not have a safe alternative? Have they committed to a contract they can't get out of? Do can suppliers have companies by the (@^!!$? Are they hoping this BPA stuff will go away? (not so long as Susanne Rust is around)

I know I, others and folks like Susanne are beating an almost dead BPA horse but we won't stop until things change for the safety of us all. Unfortunately the littlest ones are most vulnerable for many reasons but mostly shear lack of size, metabolism and stages of growing. Alarming research is coming out about BPA in infants and the consequences as such. Infant formula is suspect but so is the exposure during the hospital visit.

Yikes. The news about BPA isn't getting better folks. All the independent (that means not paid for by the chemical industry) research continues to whack us over the head to get us to notice. So take notice. BPA is a serious hormone disruptor. The Breast Cancer Fund does boldly connect BPA to breast cancer on their fact sheet. What more do you need to know?

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