Monday, April 20, 2009

Safest Coffee Maker - Glass

Still morning until a robin thumped into my window - its ok and flew away.

So I got to thinking as I sip my morning coffee... about coffee makers. I like my Bodum glass french press with its reusable filter. I feel pretty good about it because glass does not leach and I don't have to buy filters.

But what about other types of coffee makers? How is the water heated in the chamber? What is the type of plastic used that holds and heats the water? What about the tubes that carry the water around internally? What are they made from?

Some french presses are made from plastic; Bodum has some made from polycarbonate, ouch, number 7 plastic. So unless they have come out and said BPA free, it is probably safe to assume it leaches BPA. I think switching to glass is a good idea.

I wonder what all the big coffee places use to brew their coffee in? Anyone know? Starbucks, Dunkins etc, is it glass? Stainless steel? or plastic?

Just food (coffee?) for thought. I would love to hear from anyone who has answers to these questions.


wirehead said...

You know, I'm not a pure hardcore green.

But the second hot water for tea or coffee hits plastic..... yuck.

Which is pretty much your arguments right there... If at least some people can taste the plastic... that can't be very good.

My educated guess is that the better espresso machines have metal throughout, mostly because that's the only way to reliably make the thing not explode. 10 bars of pressure is nothing to sneeze at. I've seen the innards of a high-end machine and I didn't spot much plastic.

I suspect that the coffee machine built to restaurant specs is more likely to be mostly metal and glass than one built to household specs. Excepting, of course, designs like the french press.

lisa-vox said...

any tips on a safe (plastic-free) reasonably priced, electric hot water pot? either glass or stainless steel, but not the japanese kind (zojirushi) that stays hot all day.
i don't know how many hours of research i've done on this so far to no avail. you can't tell from looking at product descriptions on sites, because they won't tell you that they still have plastic parts that touch the water, like the water level indicator, etc. - even though they're advertised as 'stainless steel' i prefer glass, but at this point, i'll take stainless steel. capresso 'glass' isn't good, chef's choice, or braun for stainless 'cause they have plastic parts. i even called and a very nice woman got back to me and said all of their 'stainless steel' and 'glass' ones have plastic!

help please - anybody? thanksyou!

Real Green Girl Activist said...

I found some by googling "glass electric tea kettles". There are several but "reasonable" at $70. might work, but worth it for boiling lots o water. Check out the one by Edgecraft, looks like it might work.
Thanks again for asking. DO let me know if you find what you are looking for. Cheers.

lisa-vox said...

thank u green girl! i'll check out edgecraft ;o)