Sunday, December 21, 2008

Underwear Project at Allegheny College - Pants Off to You!

Beginning of a blizzard - just beautiful.

I love passionate college students. The world is at their finger tips to make a difference and it made my day to see this group of dedicated environmental students make their point at Allegheny College. The point being...hang it up. Hanging up laundry that is.
The Underwear Project at Allegheny College - they did their homework. They've got the CO2 facts down. And now it can come live to you via their video with just the right mix of facts, passion and home grown charm.

Think our youth isn't engaged? Think all they do is party? Think again and watch this video. It will give you hope for our future. Enjoy!

Underwear project at Allegheny College from The Meadville Tribune on Vimeo.

To all the students involved in this project... My hat's, rather pants, off to you!

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Sunshine said...

Awesome. Nothing line line dried underwear to get your attention!