Thursday, December 4, 2008

One in 3 Toys Is Toxic - Please Santa, Deliver Healthy Toys

Beautiful December morning, frost in the air.

I might have been ahead of myself suggesting plain wooden rattles as a safe option, as this latest article is after the fact. But these recent research findings must get out to the public.- they are very troubling. One in 3 toys is considered toxic in the U.S.A. !^$%!^%???

CNN reported the research (thank you for making this national news) but its origins are also reported from the eco-based Ecology Center out of Michigan who has links to a consumer oriented group called Please read one of these articles, its our children after all.

Here are highlights to wrap your head around:

1 - 1/3 of the toys had "high" or "medium" levels of chemicals of concern
2- Lead was found in 20% of the toys
3 - 10.7 % had lead above the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended ceiling of 40 ppm.
4 - 18.9 % of the toys contained detectable levels of arsenic
5 - 4.2 % had detectable levels of mercury
6 - 2.9 % had bromine at concentrations of 1,000 ppm or higher (flame retardant)
7 - Not ALL the toys were from China, many made right here
8 - Children's jewelry is the worst, is 5 x's more likely to contain lead above 600 ppm

1 - 62 % tested contained LOW levels of chemicals of concern
2 - 21 % contain NO chemicals of concern. (and these were not just plain wooden toys either, just toys made right)

The irony here is how children are exposed to chemicals. Our e-waste is going to countries, mostly in Asia, where children pick through toxic e-waste looking for marketable bits. Their exposure is frightening. Yet here in this country, our children are exposed to similar chemicals through their toys and play. What's wrong with this picture?

Please Santa, deliver the kids some healthy toys.

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