Monday, September 22, 2008

FDA No Cred with BPA

A drizzly peaceful morning here and sorely needed.

On Tuesday the FDA made their long awaited decision on BPA, on the same day the JAMA reported linking BPA to heart disease, obesity and diabetes. The FDA hailed the science that they used to support their decision. However, there were some hic ups that day that normally don't get reported. But thanks to some other dedicated writers, we have more information.

I don't and won't normally do this but this is too important to not get out there. These are the little details that the public doesn't normally see - the little details of the powerful chemical industry's attempt to stop real science and consumer protection. Please read:

Thank goodness for Dr. Fred vom Saal and his dedication to the truth in science. Without persistent scientists doing the right thing, who knows how much worse off our planet would be.

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GreenOfficeBlog said...

Isn't BPA related to the whole plastic water bottle scandal going on right now? I had no idea that plastic could be dangerous, but apparently it will seep cancer-causing chemicals into your water if you use a certain bottle for too long. Yeesh. I always thought I was being eco-friendly by reusing my water bottles, but now I'm kind of freaked out.