Tuesday, September 2, 2008

CO2 Rising at Double the Rate

Perfectly still morning, a few dark clouds.

This is bleak news indeed. A study published 2 days ago by the Royal Society out of the Tyndall Centre, one of the world's leading research centers for climate, concludes that the CO2 levels will continue to rise to 650 parts per million before our efforts maybe make the necessary down turn.

But hang on...we're at around 387 PPM with the noble attempt to reverse this number NOW and bring it to 350 PPM. This just doesn't add up. Conclusion after computer model after scientific study warns we are under predicting the course of climate change. Even now at 387 PPM we are seeing increased extreme weather patterns, changing season, less rain, more rain, rising sea levels etc. Dr Dixon, director of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Scotland, said an increase of more than two degrees (C) could mean a "tipping point" is reached. "That's when you get to a runaway situation," he said. "The big systems of the world start to go wrong when you get beyond two degrees."

These scientists aren't too happy with our politicians either. The scientific experts say "a reluctance "at virtually all levels" to address soaring greenhouse gas emissions means carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are on track to pass 650 parts-per-million (ppm), which could bring an average global temperature rise of 4C." They have strongly urged politicians and countries to take drastic measures now.

Tough situation to be in since few politicians have the guts to say what needs to be done, the costs that are necessary and oh, by the way, still get elected at the same time. That's because WE don't want to hear it either. WE don't want to make the necessary lifestyle changes. WE don't want to pay for it. But we WILL be paying for it in the future.

Even these scientists, who know it's not nice to play with Mother Nature, are suggesting making ecological interventions like growing algae and blocking the sun's rays as the ice shields melt as a possible last ditch effort to save the world. Predictions are millions of people will be displaced due to rising waters (ditch that water front property) and millions of plant and animal species loss, up to 50%. Helloooooooo, are you listening?

In case your imagination can't grasp what this all means, I recommend the book Six Degrees - Our Future on a Hotter Planet by Mark Lynas. While some (with their head in the sand) say he is an alarmist, scientists have applauded his efforts.

What to do? Energy efficency first. Please read: Energy Efficiency-It Can Be Easy. Then talk, talk talk about this. Convince your neighbors (maybe head in the sand) and everyone who will listen (some heads in the sand) and even those who won't listen. Please click and read these articles. They are hot off the press from the world leading institutions on climate change. They know their $#!+.

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