Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democrats Green? - Not Real-ly

Cool morning, signs of fall in the air.

From my view, the Democrats are trying to sit on the fence so they can fall to either side at their convenience when it comes to being green. Last night at the Democratic Convention, Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana, was the first to speak in truth about offshore drilling and basically what a waste of time it is to even consider the prospect. He got his numbers pretty straight enough to drive the point home. See : Offshore Drilling Is Not the Answer to High Gas Prices for excellent facts.

McCain even admitted that drilling is more of a psycho pill and would not add much to our needs, which is really irresponsible given the cost of drilling. I also recall that oil is a fossil fuel which spews out green house gases, the ills of global warming, so why even consdier it? So how in the same breath of wanting to tackle climate change would any candidate, from either side, even talk about more drilling?

Let me guess. Could it have anything to do with the big oil companies who give millions of monies to candidates at all levels who wink support for anything that has to do with oil? (including plastics) Or are they simplistically pandering to Joe and Josephine, who are hurting at the pumps and are desperate for relief now, and looking for a quick vote? Have the candidates not done a total cost analysis of even spelling offshore drilling?

And nuclear is no friend to the equation either and an easy way out. The bottom line is it is not renewable. Yes it provides energy without green house gases once it is built but there is a huge energy expenditure prior to up and running - mining, transportation, construction costs etc. And nuclear is water intensive which we can not afford to ignore. And what about nuclear waste? Does anyone care about what the heck happens to it?

If the candidates really want to talk about a clean, safe future, then the first words out of their mouth need to be renewable or sustainable energy, and yes, that means wind, solar and much more. I wish candidates would stop straddling that fence thinking that it will get them more votes. I am much more willing to vote for someone who has the courage to take a stand. It seems the Democrats have their feet dangling at least on one side of the fence for the environment but they have yet to take the jump and make the commitment to the environment and truly change the course of our future.

Until such time, I consider the headlining Democrats as not real-ly green.

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