Thursday, August 28, 2008

BPA FREE Baby Bottles - Get Glass

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Today's blog is short(sort of) but the links are invaluable. No point in repeating all these extensive studies and conclusions. Read them yourself by just clicking through.

BPA, one of many petrol based additives in plastic, continues to make headlines as a hormone disruptor with great potential for unknown future risks to human health. BPA, Bisphenol-A, was, and still is, added to plastic baby bottles despite being banned in Canada, and taken off the shelf by big stores such as Walmart(and our own FDA has their head in the sand) There is so much evidence of BPA's dangers( despite the plastics industry's attempt at fraud websites) that caution can not happen soon enough.

How soon? Now, before a baby is even born, or ASAP. Fetal development can be affected by the mother's exposure to and use of BPA containing products. All these links available are so comprehensive that I urge you to review them. If you want to erase all doubt, the safest non-leaching product is glass.

Glass-back to basics. Since our modern convenience society wanted something that wouldn't break, most people began using plastic baby bottles many decades ago. But things went astray as the plastic companies got greedy about cheap additives and fancy clear designs. Not only were we told they were convenient, we were told they were safe. It wasn't until comprehensive testing laid out the facts. See this link to compare baby bottles that purported to be safe and were not: 5 Leaching Brands

Now companies are switching their formula and claiming BPA free but are still showing leaching but at a low level. We are told this is safe. @%#&*! This is what SIGG claims, to be BPA free, but the testing results say "undetectable", not FREE. Like Nalgene, many companies made a switch to an untested new chemical. Or the are using polypropylene. Based on the plastic industries track record of deception, I wouldn't begin to trust these new plastic bottles.

Get Glass-Be Safe. Hormone disruption is pretty serious stuff. To dismiss it is short sighted, and that is being very polite. The affects of hormone disruption happen many years after it is way too late, breast cancer, obesity, thyroid, infertility, early puberty, heart disease and the list goes on. Taking the precautionary road is the only way to assure safety, and that means using glass.

But "my baby throws her bottle and it breaks"... so stop giving it back to her, she'll get the message. "I'm worried about the bottle breaking"...sooooo be careful. "The glass is heavy"... so get a 5 oz. bottle or sit and feed your baby if they aren't old enough to hold it, like you should. Are these typical excuses worth the entire future of your human being? I think not.

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