Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canada Bans Toxic BPA - First in World

Such a beautiful morning, the balloons are out.

They did it, finally, bravo Canada! An entire country, Canada, banned the use of BPA by declaring it toxic. Bisphenol-A (it just sounds toxic, eh?) , known as BPA, was banned two years ago by Canada for baby bottles. I think it was their idea of baby steps back then, but we'll take it today.

In the event that you have been sailing the South Pacific for 2 years and need some updates on BPA, I have some previous posts about the toxic chemical. (toxic is not just my word, it is now Canada's)

Several countries around the world have been dabbling with various partial bans, but Canada is the first country to label BPA toxic which requires it to be removed from products that humans come in contact with, like canned foods, water bottles and, oh wow, cash register receipts.

This will be a tall order for sure but it's a start. It is also a message to the chemical industry to clean up their act and stop using cheap hormone disrupting, gender-bender chemicals in the name of progress. (there are alternatives, they just cost a little more) Lucky for Canadians, the money hungry chemical companies just couldn't squash this move. Unlucky for us, the all too powerful chemical industry has, well, just too much power. Some would say, follow the money.

Kudos to Canada. May we benefit from Canada's ban on BPA and give strength to our own legislatures to do the right thing. Are you listening America?

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