Friday, January 22, 2010

FDA Finally Barks About BPA - From A Cage

Sunny morning, still, with snow lingering on the trees.

The FDA has taken a long time to "comment" on BPA. They have delayed it 3 times, or was it 4, I've lost count. The FDA originally came out non-committal about BPA after using only bought and paid for "science" from the chemical industry. After the government's own agency in toxicology called for action against BPA and slamming the FDA, did the FDA go back "for a second look" at the plastic chemical the country of Canada labels as a "toxin".

And so we have been waiting, not holding our breath mind you, but waiting, even through each delay. But finally the announcement came last week - "The FDA Shifts Stance on BPA, Announces Some Concern". The FDA bravely came out of the dog house and barked to the world the possible dangers of BPA.

Yahoo! This was fantastic news. The FDA finally came to its senses. Maybe all that badgering and 3 years of intensive investigation by the detective duo out of Milwaukee paid off. The squeaky wheel got a few drops of oil and maybe now, now our government will do something about it. If the FDA has "concern" over a chemical, asks for more research, even tells people to avoid the chemical, especially in young children, then surely this is paving the way for possible regulation of this serious gender bender that is "everywhere".

Two days after this announcement, the FDA then came out about a little glitch, just a wee one. Just an itsy bitsy little detail that came to light. The FDA can not, not "will not", but can not regulate BPA. "But because BPA was classified years ago as an indirect food additive, it is not subject to the kind of scrutiny that other chemicals are. Without critical data about BPA, it is impossible to regulate the chemical, officials said."

Just 2 days after. Call me cynical, because this is way too coincidental in my mind, but is it possible that the FDA uncovered this little detail, or the little detail was brought to their attention, and they scrambled to make the announcement before the little detail was revealed? Oh to be a fly on the wall.

For 2 days we reveled, rejoicing that the FDA had stepped out from the money shadow of the chemical industry and announced to the world that here was enough concern over BPA to warrant further investigation but in the mean time, infants and children should avoid BPA. For 2 days we were comforted that our government is finally maybe watching out for our well being. For 2 days the FDA received some respect after a long, long hiatus.

But only for 2 days. How cruel.

How convenient for the FDA to make these announcements only to be followed by their inability to do anything about it. How convenient to jump up and down and holler at the top of your lungs with your hands tied behind your back. How convenient the watch dog came out to bark at the world only to be sitting from within its own locked cage.

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