Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eco Oxymorons - Green Washing or Green Wishing?

Clear sunny morning; flaming trees scattered near and far.

Every once in awhile I come across something and say to myself, or any one who will listen, "Now there's an oxymoron". Most of them have to do with the green world, so let's just call them eco oxymorons. Many are related to green washing within an advertisement, description, title or label. You know, adding those little key words that makes something appear greener than it is. I think sometimes green washing is a company's way of green wishing, a way to muscle into the market place. The biggest green washing (and abuse) going on today is the use of the word "natural". But that's another blog coming, a rant and rave for sure, so stay tuned.

Back to the eco oxymoron... So below is a list of gathered green oxymorons. Some are short, some are long, some are funny, or serious or stupid. Many simply a play on words. Most importantly, none of which I made up. If you would like to add to the list, please comment with your own eco oxymoron. Here we go:

Clean Coal
Chemical Free
Organic Junk Food
Melted Ice
Melted Glacier
Natural Make-Up
Clean Diesel
Dry Lake
Sustainable Mining
Plastic Glass
Safe Plastic
Monsanto's Crop Protection
Green Golf Course
Level Population Growth
Veggie Meatballs
Safe GMO's
Eco Tourism
Eco Friendly Plastic Bags
Green Shopping Mall
99% Pure
PVC Fitness Ball
Plastic Silverware
Free Water
Green Parking garage
Silver Lining Organic Underwear
Clean Camping
Environmental Road Trip
Forest Management
Non Toxic Bug Killer
Plastic Wood
Healthy Ice Cream
Meatless Meat
Biodegradable Plastic
Artificial Grass
Artificial Snow
Carefree Garden
Safe PVC
Green Cars
Sustainable Development
All Natural Artificial Flavoring
Sustainable Luxury
Green Skyscraper
Safe Pesticides
Greener Hummer

And my all time favorite . . . Safe SIGG.

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