Saturday, September 12, 2009

Safe Cosmetics Video - And Things You Can Do

Watching a pair of kestrels lying in wait.

Safe Cosmetics, founded by health and environmental groups, has started a new campaign via video to get their message out. They've asked for help so I'm just doing my bit here.

They interview regular folks off the street about their knowledge about personal care products, which turns out to be pretty weak. If you're up on the subject, there isn't really anything new, but the point is so few, it must be a minuscule amount, people know much about the subject, as you'll see in the video. The point is to get the subject of safe cosmetics on people's radar.

So you might ask why? If you look at the list of endorsing organizations for safe cosmetics it gives you an idea of where the concerns are coming from: physicians, women's groups, children's groups, autistic organizations, environmental groups, right to know organizations and cancer groups. That's because the thousands of chemicals that have not even been tested, that are in our daily lives through "things or stuff" we put in or on our body may have serious consequences to our health, our children's health, the environment and other critters.

Just out today from Newsweek is an article about how chemicals may be causing obesity, even in newborns because there is no other explanation as to why this is occurring. The article titled "Why Chemicals Called Obesogens May Make You Fat" explores the new theory about chemical exposure and how it tweaks our ability to regulate our fat cells. Back to the long standing gender bender issue. (wasn't that the whole thing about BPA and SIGG etc.?)

The long list of questionable chemicals that go into our cosmetics is huge, some say 80,000 chemicals, most of which have never been tested, most of concern are petroleum in base. So what can you do? (or tell a friend to do) Glad you asked. Here are some things you can do to help the Safe Cosmetic Campaign, for yourself, others and the environment (our future):

1 - Watch the video and send to friends by email using this link

2 - Sign the petition for Safe Cosmetics

3 - Use low chemical profile products - less is more (better)

4 - Use certified organic products to lessen chemical exposure

5 - Make your own products, DYI cosmetic recipes are available

6 - Know your ingredients - daunting task but using the Skin Deep cosmetic safety data base is a great place to start

7 - Start learning, begin with Treehugger's excellent article: 7 Common Cosmetic Ingredients You Need to Avoid

8 - And ... Watch the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Video


lisa-vox said...

4 pronged (hope that's ok)

i posted this too!! it is unfathomable that the FDA does not regulate the cosmetic and skincare industry whatsoever!!!
i found out about this roughly 6years ago and the general population still has no clue?!

re: the non-plastic electric water kettle saga... i emailed them and the one you suggested by edgecraft has plastic touching the water too! they all lie online ;(

have u ever posted anything about 'natural flavors' as opposed to artificial flavors here? i just wrote a letter to fresh & easy - big user of those. we'll see if they write back. eric schlosser has a great excerpt in Fast Food Nation all about it:

and fourthly - i didn't see anything here about the global simulcast premiere of the new movie - The Age of Stupid?
it's monday, sept. 21st at the AMC in century city (for those in LA) r u planning to go? i last saw tix online on 9.15. i don't now why, but i assumed that ur in LA...

sorry, so many topics - guess i had a lot of q's today!

Real Green Girl Activist said...

It is amazing so few people know about the chemicals in cosmetics. This topic would make a great docu-drama!

sorry about the kettle. They've had plain stainless steel ones in England for years. What's the problem? I'll keep you in mind.

Natural flavors and the word natural drive me wild. Again, nothing regulating these terms so its a free green washing for all. It's a big topic worth lots of ranting. So many food products are coming out with natural on them and it means nothing. When I was in the grocery store today, I was having a field day reading the "natural" ingredients: corn syrup?

Age of Stupid looks great but very hard to get a hold of people in charge. I am in New Hampshire and it's only playing in Boston and trying to get it up here at our local very cool independent theater. Let me know how it is .

lisa-vox said...

hi RGG!
thanks for answering! since i don't get an email verification w/your response, i forgot to check...

yes, really is incredible about the regulations or lack thereof in cosmetics industry and with the chemicals in food with respect to flavorings, in addition to SOO many other concerns. but the flavoring thing is such a big secret! i actually emailed IFF (the biggest flavor + fragrance company), posed as a business owner, curious about how they make their 'natural' flavor... that i was fascinated by their technology and would order a sample after they responded to me. i doubt they'll go for it, but it's fun to play pvt. detective ;o)
'natural' corn syrup - mmm, mmm good! lol.
the hypocrisy just drives me crazy and the preying on peoples' ignorance...
i posted something on EWG's wall on FB re: 'natural' flavors + if they ever addressed it and the link to the chapter in eric schlosser's 'fast food nation' and only 1 person 'liked it'. so, don't know if they'll pursue it. they responded: "Lisa, We haven't to date, but I have shared your suggestion with our research staff so they know what kind of information people want when they plan their projects. Thanks so much for taking the time to weigh in, it's how we keep tabs on what people want to know." and they thanked me.

i'll let you know about 'the age of stupid' i'm excited that it's being simulcast in 50 different countries! power to the people!

take care RGG and thanks again for your great and honest blog!

Real Green Girl Activist said...

keep plugging away on the natural flavoring issue. The squeaky wheel will get some action! Let me know when you find something. I will try to blog about too.
Always nice to read your enthusiasm. Cheers

lisa-vox said...

EWG wrote me back and clarified that my post did not go into the news feed with their status updates, so that's why a lot of ppl. didn't see it, but she was glad for my posting.

"the age of stupid" was good and very specific with the timelines we need to adhere to and the head of IPCC verified that their estimates were spot on - scary!
didn't know about the dire straits of the himalayan glaciers and the consequences if they disappear in 25-30 years!!!
let's see if we sign this next treaty, unlike the kyoto...

shirleyjones said...

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