Friday, July 31, 2009

14 Green Things to Bring to College

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With the recent list of the Top 15 Green Colleges (UNH number 2 right now, yahoo) I was reminded that my baby is soon venturing off to college. Since colleges seem to be the greenest communities right now, I think she should be prepared to show up with some pretty darn green things herself.

So, I have compiled a Checklist for College Students of 14 Green Things to Bring with you:

1 - Stainless Steel Water Bottle - You know the reason by now, right?
2 - Crank/Solar Flashlights - never need batteries again
3 - Reusable Canvas Bag - for books and shopping
4 - Organic Sheets and Blankets - No toxins, soft
5 - Safe Laundry Soap - Charlie's is concentrated, inexpensive and works
6- 100% PCW Copy Paper - that's post consumer waste
7 - Low Chemical Profile Personal Care Items
8 - Ladies! - Reusable Menstrual Cup - get over the "ick" factor
9 - Smart Strip Energy Saver
10 - Safe Mulit-Purpose Green Cleaning Product
11 - Mini Happy Light - low wattage, good for SAD
12 - Spork - you never know when you'll need one
13 - Drying Rack - using a dryer is not cool
14 - Hemp Writing Cards - just in case they might write you

These are good investments, for your child and the environment. Besides, he or she will be the coolest green college students on campus.

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dolphinblueinc said...

What great ideas! I especially love the drying rack - who wants to leave their clean laundry in those stinky dryers anyway?