Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Green Green Blog (My First)

It is way past the hour of sunset and I am about to press "post" to launch my first blog posting. (Hence the title) My view is dark but upon close inspection the stars are out and the night is awaiting dawn. The air is summer yet crisp, the frogs are chirping. What a way to launch!

There is so much to talk about in the world of green. Topics like pollution, carbon footprint, toxic chemicals, organic foods many more. Most pressing, however, is reducing our CO2 ASAP. There are so many small and big things we can do, individually and as a community. It will take a multi-vitamin approach if we are going to succeed in minimizing the march of global warming and climate change.

Energy use is the biggest producer of CO2, our cars and households and what goes into their use and the production of everything associated with them. Whether its the light bulb burning, using the electricity produced from the coal burning power plant spewing CO2 or the cars we think we need to drive at 70 MPH to get some place. Those are big ticket items. But what about the card you sent to Grammie? Was it virgin paper from clear cut trees produced with chlorine using electricity from incineration? Or was it tree free paper without harmful chemicals made with wind power then transported using carbon offsets?

I don't know the exact difference in carbon footprint between the two, but you can imagine it is fairly significant. These are the choices out there right now to consumers. Imagine if we all choose the lesser impact in all our choices and multiply that by all the people in our country. We're talking big numbers here- a major impact. From little to large, reductions in CO2 add up for the better. It will take a multi vitamin approach. Let's hope we stay out of the intensive care unit.

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